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The Brownwood Night Photography & Light-Painting Workshop

by The Midnight Writer on Jan.14, 2010, under General

From Noel Kearns…

“The Brownwood Night Photography & Light-Painting Workshop

Just wanting to let everyone know…I will be conducting a Night Photography and Light-Painting Workshop in Brownwood, Texas on February 26th & 27th. The curriculum will include two afternoons of classroom instruction and two nights of shooting in the field at various interesting abandoned locations in and around Brownwood, including the location in the image above, the old US Army Battalion HQ building. See my Brownwood Set for more possible / likely locations to which we will have access. I also hope to visit and line-up some other new locations as well.

I plan to limit attendance to the first six photographers who register. That number may expand to ten, pending the availability of a second instructor / assistant to help out with questions in the field. Currently, there are 4 slots filled, so if you’re interested, shoot me a Flickrmail for more details, including pricing (very reasonable!), payment information, equipment prerequisites, and lodging recommendations.

Only two slots left…sign up now, and we’ll see you in Brownwood!”

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Once in a Blue Moon

by The Midnight Writer on Dec.31, 2009, under General

During 17 out 19 years we have what’s called a Blue Moon. It’s when their are two full moons in one month. Tonight will be a rare Blue Moon on New Years Eve. It happens once every 19 years. The last time was 1990, and not again until 2028. Article. I think I will shoot this Blue Moon, if the weather complies. I’m also gaining the energy to try and get some interviews for the podcast :) .

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Light Painting Workshop

by The Midnight Writer on Nov.16, 2009, under General

Night Photog, Brent Pearson will be conducting a Night Photography Workshop in Australia!

Blue Silouette

I am please to announce a photography workshop for the nocturnal photographers. This workshop is going to cover 3 different night photography genres.

1. Straight night photography
2. Landscape light painting (painting with lights that are not visible in the shot)
3. Creative light painting (using a range of lights visible to the camera to create light painting effects)

The first workshop is going to be held on Saturday 28th Nov and Sunday 29th Nov in Mosman. The workshop will be limited to 15 participants (Only 5 spots left).

I had the opportunity to shoot with Brent in Moab, UT this past summer, and he’s very dedicated to his craft. He has a lot to offer to those interested in light painting, and night photography. You can purchase his E-Book on Light Painting and Night Photo HERE.

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The 55 Degrees Show

by The Midnight Writer on Sep.22, 2009, under General

The 55 Degrees Show, originally uploaded by Noel Kerns.

Attention Texas Peeps… Noel Kearns has a night photography show at the 55 Degrees Wine Bar in Plano, Texas, running from August 31st through October 31st. I missed the opening, but if you catch this post there is still time to see the work! Great Job Noel!

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The BIG M Show

by The Midnight Writer on Aug.24, 2009, under General

Opening!, originally uploaded by Lost America.


You are all invited to the opening of The Big M: Classic Cars Under the Stars show in Alameda on Friday September 4th from 7-10pm.

Joe Reifer, Mike Hows and Troy Paiva will be displaying some of their Big M imagery at the Lucky JuJu pinball Gallery. Discount prints and signed copies of Troy’s book will also be available at the opening, so make sure you drop by and say hello!

Lucky JuJu Gallery
713 Santa Clara Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

Press release HERE.

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007: Joe Reifer – @joereifer

by The Midnight Writer on Aug.06, 2009, under General

I had the great opportunity to connect with night photog Joe Reifer. His work caught my eye with a very somber feeling. He seems to capture images that I might pass over, but I would choose first for a frame in a feature film. His aesthetic choices balance light and dark, warm and cool, better than most traditional artists. Enjoy his work and his words! Some Photographers mentioned in the episode — Steve HarperThe Nocturnes (Tim Baskerville) — Tom PaivaLance KeimigStephen Walsh

Joe’s images:
1 — light painted with a flashlight from 2 different positions.
2 — light painted with a flashlight from 2 different positions.
3 — exposed for cloud streaks. a person stood in the image wearing a sheet for part of the exposure time to create the ghost (with flashlight painting on the sheet).
4 — interior shot lit by turning on the lighting in the room, and using flashlight for subtle foreground fill.
5 — film shot with no light painting.
6 — digital shot with no light painting.

ps The show is growing by leaps and bounds! I just checked and we have 19,001 subscribers! Spread the word. Also, I’m working on a new website to help feature all of the resources and photos from the flickr pool.

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And we’re back!

by The Midnight Writer on Jul.15, 2009, under General

I’m sure you started to worry that The Night Writerz had already started to podfade into the abyss… well I’ve had a slew of challenges! I am working hard to get the latest episode together. I had some major technical issues at the studio I have been recording in. I tried to interview Joe Reifer (@JoeReifer) a few weeks ago and the computer/skype kept crashing. I had to buy some new gear (Audio Technica USB2020), new software (WireTap Pro) and I will be recording from home now so I don’t have to travel 30 miles or work on the studio’s schedule/photographers matching schedule. Now I am more flexible and things should pick back up in the next couple of weeks. I have two interviews pending for this week.

I need to update everyone on my trip to Moab with Brent Pearson an avid Night Photog from Australia. I also met up with Chris Conrad again for a couple of night shoots. Look for that post in the next couple of days! Good Night – Chad

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Content suggestions…

by The Midnight Writer on Jun.27, 2009, under General

Capitol Reef 12

I’ve been contemplating what might be useful for you as a night photographer. I’ve had a few questions about noise when shooting at night or low-light situations. I want to have an episode where we talk exclusively about that. I just spent the past weekend at Capitol Reef shooting at various ISO settings to see what my camera can handle. If any of you would like to contribute to such topic, please feel free.

I’ve also had questions about gear. What do light painters use, or any night photographer. I think I will leave that question to all of you. So… Show us your gear!

Camera settings for a particular scene or type of photography is another question I get. I will cover different settings as each episode unfolds, but if you want specifics be sure to contact me on Twitter. There are many areas I feel like I have the knowledge to share, but not everything. I may pass you along someone that knows much more than I do. I have decided to write an introduction to night photography guide for those who are new to this. For some of you it might be a little basic, but others need it.

So what would you like to hear/see or who would you like to hear/see?

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005: Troy Paiva – Lost America

by The Midnight Writer on Jun.11, 2009, under TNW

The Geek, originally uploaded by Lost America.

005: Troy Paiva | Lost America

“Wandering the deserted backroads of the American Southwest, Troy Paiva has explored the abandoned underbelly of America since the 1970s. Since 1989 he’s been taking pictures of it . . . at night, by the light of the full moon. A multi-discipline artist, Troy needed to find a new medium to create personal art while he worked in a heavily art directed graphic design job. Sitting in on a few night photography classes, he had a revelation when the subject of light-painting came up. Here were techniques that would be perfect for capturing the atmosphere and mystery of the modern ghost towns and epic junkyards he was already exploring.

After years of development, Troy’s early vision has been fully realized through his unique style and technique. The colored lighting is done with a flashlight or strobe flash masked with theatrical lighting gels. It’s effect reanimates these dead places, turning them into mutant tableaus of some vaguely familiar parallel universe. The minutes-long exposures allow the stars to spiral around Polaris and the moving clouds to smear ethereally across the sky. Many of these subjects are already gone; bulldozed, burned down, subdivided, melted for scrap or simply vanished beneath the shifting desert sand.” – Lost America

Troy talks about his beginnings all the way to his newest book “Night Vision.” Enjoy some of the stories behind the work and the photos that make Troy Paiva.

The Night Writerz

—– Show Outline —–

[0:37] – Show Summary | The Midnight Writer

[3:37] – Calendar | Full Strawberry Moon

(June 7, 2009) — Full Moon also known as the Full Strawberry Moon | 2:12 P.M.
(June 10, 2009) — Moon at apogee | The point in the Moon’s orbit when it is farthest from Earth.
(June 13, 2009) – Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
(June 15, 2009) — Last Quarter Moon | 6:15 P.M.
(June 15, 2009) — Jupiter stationary | The body appears motionless in the sky due to the turning point between its direct and retrograde motion.
(June 15, 2009) – Glory Taurus Launch
(June 21, 2009) — Summer solstice | 1:46 A.M.
(June 22, 2009) – Dwarf Planet 134340 Pluto Closest Approach To Earth (30.664 AU)
(June 22, 2009) – Asteroid Vespa in Conjunction with the Sun
(June 22, 2009) — New Moon | 3:35 P.M.

[5:08] – Spotlight | Troy Paiva – Lost America

Troy Paiva discusses his beginnings in night photography to his latest work and book called “Night Vision” | Be sure to check out Troy’s work at Lost America.

[7:00] Chrysler Moonrise
[8:17] Jimmy Jet
[9:24] Flooded Trailer
[10:33] P2 Me
[11:50] Sacramento in the Sky
[13:25] Road Runner’s Retreat 1989
[14:45] Shiny Spikey
[16:00] The Three Ed’s
[17:16] Bodie Moonrise
[19:13] Full Steam Ahead
[19:38] The Fat Man Sleeps
[23:00] The Danger Zone
[27:05] Rocket Site

—– Next Episode —–


—– Product & Company Information —–

For information on The Night Writerz products and community, please visit the group | call 1-888-763-4671 to leave a recorded message.

Copyright: © 2009 CS Clark Photography, LLC All rights reserved

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003: Chris Conrad – Moontracks

by The Midnight Writer on Jun.02, 2009, under Newz, TNW

Episode 3 is up and available for download. If you enjoy the episodes be sure to comment on iTunes and give a rating based on what you think so far. Next episode will actually be an article about Chris from Rangefinder Magazine. Following that episode, look for Troy Paiva’s episode coming on the full moon. Visit Chris’s website to see the entire Moontracks collection.

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